Frequently asked questions

I am stuck and I do not know how to move forward. What should I do?

If you do not know what to do to move forward in the game, you can use the hint system in Henry’s journal. By default you can access it by pressing “H” on the keyboard. The journal writes itself during the game and describes your journey through all the rooms. In the bottom left corner of the screen there is a “Next Paragraph” button – once you click it, the whole new paragraph is revealed and it explains what to do next in the game.

My game crashed. Do I need to play it from the beginning?

We are very sorry for the crash. The good news, however, is that the game is autosaved – this means that you can restart the game, click continue in the main menu and the game will start at the last saved point.

If the crash occurred during autosave and your save is corrupted, please see the next question where we explain how to recover your saved game.If this crash continues to happen or the above steps do not help, please let us know. Write us an email to [email protected] with your save files, a brief description of the problem and your operating system name. We will do our best to help.

After playing the game I “quit and saved“, but the next time it started with issues. How do I fix it?

It is quite easy to recover your saved game. Please go to the following folder on your computer:

There are up to three folders named AutoSave, AutoSave01 and AutoSave02. Delete folder AutoSave. Then rename folder AutoSave01 to AutoSave.
Done? Good job! Now run the game normally.

Where are my save files?

Your save files are here:

The bucket in the Well Puzzle keeps on falling down. Is it a bug?

No, it is not a bug. There is one more thing you need to do to stop the bucket from falling. If you are stuck, remember that you have a hint system in Henry’s journal.

I think the Nostalgic achievement is broken. Are you sure I can get it?

Yes, we check all achievements from scratch just before every deployment to make sure they work correctly. We know though that Nostalgic is the toughest one to achieve. That is why we provide a list of all places you need to check in the game in order to get the Nostalgic achievement.

I want to play the game, but I do not like playing on PC. Will the game be available on other platforms? 

Yes, we have already started preparing a version of Dr Livingstone, I Presume? for the Nintendo Switch. To be up to date with release dates for other platforms follow us on Facebook or Twitter.

How do I change the language?

The language of the game can be changed at any time using the game options screen.

I completed the game and would like to play more. Do you plan to do the next game?

Congratulations on unfolding the mystery of Dr Livingstone’s sudden disappearance. If you liked the game, please take time to write a review on Steam. All positive feedback has proven to be a great motivation for us to work on even better games.

Dr Livingstone, I Presume? is developed by the indie game studio Vulpesoft.
If you have any questions or feedback please write to us on: [email protected].